Friday, October 10, 2008

Strawberry Points and Pale Blue Pods

This week I got a box of supplies that I had ordered from the Etsy shop, frill.
I bought 5 linen busts from her, to display and photograph my necklaces. I also bought some very pretty glass beads.

pale blue pods

Pretty pale blue vintage glass beads, paired with  sterling silver findings and chain.

strawberry points

Gorgeous vintage German mottled glass beads, paired with  sterling silver findings and chain.

I tried to photograph both pairs of earrings on my copper boxes, but was not happy with the results. I remembered how pretty Moosewood cookbook's recipes are, and voila... my earrings are displayed on the Moosewood Fudge Brownie recipe!! I am very pleased with how the photos turned out.

Lu is not having a good day. He is still eating and drinking but has taken to sleeping under our bed. Good days and bad days... he still likes lots of attention when he is awake.

Thanksgiving weekend. Mark and I are home alone. Whoo! Holidays aren't quite the same when there is not other family around. Hopefully we will get some yard and garden chores done this weekend.


Gillianbeads said...

Lovely earrings five, and on a FUDGE recipe, to boot!

MaryMarsh said...

Beautiful jewelry!! Love your blog!