Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oval Stacks of Orange

The weather has turned back into chilly fall weather, brrr. The winds are blowing chilliness! The weekend weather was such a treat.
My elbow is not healing, so I continue with my one listing a day. I so want to weave again. I do love working with the colour of the stones, the glass, the metal...

oval stacks of orange
carnelian and copper

I went to vote earlier today and discovered that I do not have proof of address. My drivers permit has our old house address from before 911. I had to get someone from our street to vouch for me. Very irritating... ridiculous rules, everyone in the room knew me... phhh....

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High On Craft said...

So sorry your elbow is not healing. I'm sure the colder weather isn't helping either. Luckily for us fiveforty fans you can still make beautiful jewelery. I love tuning in and seeing your daily creations.