Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hollow Glass and Copper

I just received a new supply of hollow blown glass beads, they're lovely!
One of my many obsessions!
I have been playing with them.

copper blue .. glass and copper earrings

lust .. red hollow glass and copper necklace

lust .. red hollow glass and copper earrings

Monday, February 22, 2010

Glass and Wool

I am slowly getting back into a work routine, and I am enjoying it. I have missed it!

glass bubbles in silver

glass and silver bracelet

handwoven felted red wool sweater rag rug

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Repurposed Firewood Box

Mark just finished this wood box for our front porch. He used odds and ends of wood from deep, in the darkest corners of the basement. He also used the old pine he took off the front of the fireplace when we put the insert in last fall. I think he did a fabulous job, it is beautiful, totally repurposed!

wood box

recycled wood box!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recycled Corduroy

I finally got back to my bale of corduroy, I had woven a runner for our back hallway a year or so ago. I wasn't really pleased at the time, with this first cord rug woven on my upright loom. It was a bit too loosely woven. It is still there in the hall, standing up to all the boots and shoes that come into our house.
In January I started to cut up corduroy(this rug took 16 pairs of mens corduroy pants!!), and set up my loom. I wove the rug, took it off the loom and started the long job of weaving the ends back into the rug. You can't leave a loose corduroy fringe, it would be messy and would eventually fall apart. I got distracted by the fact that our son would soon be leaving to go back out west to work, the rug could wait. He flew out early Monday morning so I got back to work on the rug. I am very pleased with it, I listed in in my Etsy shop this afternoon. Soft yet thick and durable!

corduroy, close up

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fun and Flirty!

To help fight off the winter blahs, I have been playing with some bright and colourful beads. I am pleased with the results so far!

The 2010 Handmade Olympics

Earlier this week I was notified by the amazing, sweet and very energetic, rikrak, that one of my rugs had been shortlisted in her Handmade Olympics! My fabulous friend emmarts had very kindly, nominated the rug earlier this year.
I am so excited, and have become very competitive, but sadly I have run out of relatives and friends to ask to vote for me. The voting ends this coming Wednesday.
If you have not already voted, you may do so here! Please vote in all 8 events to show your support for all the very talented artisans nominated!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ice Fishing on Toss A Coin Lake

On Sunday we drove north of Terrace Bay up the mill road to go ice fishing. I was surprised at how much more snow there is up there and how much colder it was than on the Lake shore. We went to a lake right beside the road as I cannot walk far. It was far enough! The dogs love ice fishing and get right int it, they get so excited if they hear one of the bells ringing, they usually get to the hold first. Kinoje would love to eat all the bait and would have loved to eat the pike that Thomas caught.
It was really nice to see Kinoje back to his old silly form, he is feeling so much better, thank goodness. Cali on the other hand was a bit more reserved around the holes, she was a good fisher girl, but couldn't resist rolling in the pike poo... her favourite thing to do.
the dogs were quite excited to see Mark and Thomas pulling the little sleds in

cold clear day on Toss A Coin

setting up the lines

Kinoje being a good helper boy, trying to eat the bait
Mark and the dogs drilling a hole

smoke gets in your eyes

Mark and the dogs, watching and waiting

Kinoje looking for a snack, a little obsessively