Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hollow Glass and Copper

I just received a new supply of hollow blown glass beads, they're lovely!
One of my many obsessions!
I have been playing with them.

copper blue .. glass and copper earrings

lust .. red hollow glass and copper necklace

lust .. red hollow glass and copper earrings


Doris said...

I seen your Etsy shop and then visited your blog and its so nicely set up. I sell also on Etsy and just started a blog never would I have thought I could do it not much on computer but willing to learn. I want to put your link on my blog if I can figure how to do it:-) Well just wanted to say hi and comment on your blog.

Take Care,Doris

Pegg said...

Hi Doris, thank you!
I will say, I felt the same way when I set up my Etsy shop and when I started my blog, I am still learning but amazed at what I have accomplished!