Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sweet Beanie!

Early this morning I was uncomfortable as I have slept on the couch since my surgery so I moved to my beading studio aka Thomas's bedroom. Miss Bean was delighted to find me there when she came in this morning and decided to join me. She is sure turning into a house dog!

she was much too warm
but would not budge from this cozy new bed!

My Left Knee

On Halloween night I had a scheduled follow up appointment with the surgeon who operated on my right knee in July. Two weeks earlier I hurt my left knee at my physio appointment. My family doctor sent a note to the surgeon to examine my left knee. Turns out, I torn the meniscus in it to. Lucky for me, the surgeon had a cancellation here in Terrace and fit me in. I had surgery last Tuesday.
I am still hobbling about, still housebound, actually still trapped on the main floor of our house, I am not yet doing stairs. This is the first day I actually feel human again. Yay my knee is healing!!!
Dr. Porter did say that the injuries in both knees were from degeneration and I do have a bigger issue, arthritis in both knees. I will never walk for fitness again, and will only go for short strolls. What a dismal thing to say, truly I am not that old, only at midlife. I will have to figure this out once my knee heals. I will deal with the arthritis and find a way that I can get some exercise.
Life does go on!