Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sweet Beanie!

Early this morning I was uncomfortable as I have slept on the couch since my surgery so I moved to my beading studio aka Thomas's bedroom. Miss Bean was delighted to find me there when she came in this morning and decided to join me. She is sure turning into a house dog!

she was much too warm
but would not budge from this cozy new bed!


Brigitte said...

Awww Miss Bean!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty, happy-looking dog!!!

Michelle said...

Love love love your etsy shop.

Pegg said...

Thank you Michelle!

Yes Bean is a happy and very pretty girl!

mchen said...

Five!!! I had no idea about your knees — I hope you're feeling better, and adjusting. Beanie is so adorable, and must help alleviate some of the pain :) p.s. those are gorgeous enameled beads, beautiful colours!