Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recycled Corduroy

I finally got back to my bale of corduroy, I had woven a runner for our back hallway a year or so ago. I wasn't really pleased at the time, with this first cord rug woven on my upright loom. It was a bit too loosely woven. It is still there in the hall, standing up to all the boots and shoes that come into our house.
In January I started to cut up corduroy(this rug took 16 pairs of mens corduroy pants!!), and set up my loom. I wove the rug, took it off the loom and started the long job of weaving the ends back into the rug. You can't leave a loose corduroy fringe, it would be messy and would eventually fall apart. I got distracted by the fact that our son would soon be leaving to go back out west to work, the rug could wait. He flew out early Monday morning so I got back to work on the rug. I am very pleased with it, I listed in in my Etsy shop this afternoon. Soft yet thick and durable!

corduroy, close up

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