Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ice Fishing on Toss A Coin Lake

On Sunday we drove north of Terrace Bay up the mill road to go ice fishing. I was surprised at how much more snow there is up there and how much colder it was than on the Lake shore. We went to a lake right beside the road as I cannot walk far. It was far enough! The dogs love ice fishing and get right int it, they get so excited if they hear one of the bells ringing, they usually get to the hold first. Kinoje would love to eat all the bait and would have loved to eat the pike that Thomas caught.
It was really nice to see Kinoje back to his old silly form, he is feeling so much better, thank goodness. Cali on the other hand was a bit more reserved around the holes, she was a good fisher girl, but couldn't resist rolling in the pike poo... her favourite thing to do.
the dogs were quite excited to see Mark and Thomas pulling the little sleds in

cold clear day on Toss A Coin

setting up the lines

Kinoje being a good helper boy, trying to eat the bait
Mark and the dogs drilling a hole

smoke gets in your eyes

Mark and the dogs, watching and waiting

Kinoje looking for a snack, a little obsessively


Tayler said...

I've always wanted to go ice fishing :)

Pegg said...

Tayler, you are going to have to come for a winter visit!