Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Olive Chocolate Blueberries

My earrings for today, my little sanity....
I do love pearls! 
"olive chocolate blueberries"

Busy day for me today! How unusual...
I met with a friend for a hurried lunch before I had a chiro appointment. On to a financial seminar, then home for a quick dinner with Mark before he headed off to work a night shift. I went to check out a local enviro group who have asked me to become a board member, interesting group, I will consider it. Met my friend again and we watched a chick flick together, a treat.
The cat has had a couple of "good days". We all get so excited when he eats. All he chooses to eat are cat treats. Sunday he ate one, yesterday and today he ate almost 60 each day, whoohoo for Lu!! He is of course still sick, but he has life in him yet!
I am stalking a treasury on Etsy, so off I go so I don't miss it. Oh and to top off my evening I sold these earrings plus another pair of pearls!! Thank  you Maria!

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jennifer said...

what a super day, even though it was so busy. girlfriend days are so fun!