Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Copper Black Wood

I am here early today. It will be a busy day for me. My mom and sister will be here early this evening. I have to clean... yuck ... I am not a natural born house cleaner. I am also going to bake a cake to bring over to our friends whose father passed away on the weekend. They have requested a chocolate cake, so I will bake the Rebar cake that I made for Marks birthday in March.
The sun is shining, I have bedding in the washer ready to hang out on the line. I hope it isn't too windy.
My listing for today! Copper cable chain with gorgeous smooth dark, black and brown ebony wood coins. Earthy elegance.... in a necklace...

copper black wood


Waterrose said...

what a beautiful necklace. I love the copper and wood together.

liz said...

I'm sure your house is wonderfully clean....enough!