Wednesday, October 1, 2008

60 Years of Marriage!!

Mark and I traveled to Manitoulin Island late last week, for our summer vacation in autumn. We had the two dogs in tow, and went to help celebrate Marks parents 60th wedding anniversary. As each of their children came to camp over the summer Jay and Lawrence took them and their families out for dinner. We took our turn on their actual anniversary. Easier on the dogs to be at camp in the spring or fall. The Islands summer heat would be unbearable for our furry dogs.

Out for a celebratory dinner at the Anchor Inn, downtown Little Current. Imagine 60 years!!



I must say I was very surprised at how yummy our dinner was. Fresh whitefish with a roasted red pepper and feta sauce. Wow it was delicious!!


snazz said...

Sixty years and still smiling! That is great to see!

UxCritter said...

That sounds like a wonderful time you and Mark had with his folks at Manitoulin Pegg. Lovely photos too!