Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lake Freighters and Mountain Ash berries

Yesterday I went for my daily walk uptown to check the mail. As I came down the hill home, as our town is built on terraces, hence the name Terrace Bay..., I spied a lake freighter out between the Slate Islands and the mainland. Always a treat, I get excited.. I ran in the house grabbed my camera and took a few photos. I had to zoom, as it was about 5 miles away, and would have looked quite small. The fall is the season when we see the most lake freighters, as we get big winds. They come in closer depending on the direction of the wind.
lake freighter, Terrace Bay

mountain ash berries

I have also been wanting to go out and take a photo of the mountain ash berries. the tree are just hanging with berries, so pretty now that the leaves have fallen. The birds will have a feast! The berries are gorgeous, the ends look as though they have been stitches into a star. So pretty.


UxCritter said...

BEAUTY PHOTOS Pegg! Your blog is always a treat. Thanks!
~ Paula

Maria said...

Fantastic photos five! I love the lake freighter.

High On Craft said...

Those berries take be back to my childhood. We had a mountain ash just outside our kitchen window and I loved looking at those berries. It was my dad's favorite tree.

ArtMind said...

Must be a pretty neat spot were you live! :)

liz said...

It looks beautiful!! The berry photos are fantastic!