Friday, October 31, 2008

Little Red Fox

Late this afternoon while I  was prepping for dinner I noticed a movement out in the garden. A fox had  come for a visit. Mark was out with the dogs. Just as I was heading out with my camera a neighbour called to tell he he was watching the fox on the garden, I told him I was heading out to see if I could photograph it. 
To my surprise and a little horror, the fox was not at all afraid of me, in fact maybe the opposite, he kept coming towards me, I scared him off when he got about five feet from me. He then just sat on the garden watching my neighbour on his deck.
red fox with black boots

gorgeous healthy red fox


Dre said...

So beautiful, yet mischievous and sly!!

High On Craft said...

Gorgeous fox!! I love foxes. You don't see them very often - usually only in brief fly-by action. What a treat to be in the presence of one for so long.