Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dog Leashes & Snow Drops

Generally we tend to keep our dogs leashes on the back step, unless it is raining out. This morning when Mark went to walk the dogs, the leashes were missing. He found them down the back lawn, well one was past the garden, and the other was way down on the hospital lawn. The one furthest away, was cut in two places, right through, cut off... and the loopy leash handle is gone...
Later I found a dog collar, that was also on the back step, on the hospital grounds, cut through, so strange, and creepy. Mark thinks a fox did it, cut through heavy webbing. I hope so, as it is really quite creepy to think maybe someone was in out year and on our back step last night.   
dog leash cut in two places, handle missing

New listing for today, popcorn shaped vintage German glass beads, black leather cord and gorgeous copper French ear wires!

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Amanda said...

oh gosh, that IS creepy! doesn't look like it was cut by an animal, that looks like it was deliberately cut! lock your doors!!!