Sunday, November 30, 2008


A week ago today, we received one of those much dreaded phone calls. Mark's mom had had a heart attack. She was in the hospital on the Island. She is alright, she had two stents put in and is back home, after being transferred to Sudbury. Yesterday, Marks brother was on the Island, visiting his parents, and had a heart attack after shoveling snow. He has been transferred to Sudbury, and had two stents put in last night. From what I understand, he will be kept in until Wednesday, but is doing well. I hope he is doing well. Earlier this fall, Marks eldest brother had his second heart attack, and had three stents put in. He is recovering and already back to work. Scary history, and genetics....
It has been one hell of a week, well one hell of a year.

This morning we drove Thomas to Thunder Bay to the airport. He flew to Calgary this afternoon. He will head back to B.C. from there in a day or two. We are hoping he will be back home for Christmas. It was sure nice having him home for a month, it just flew by.
Hehe, speaking of flying by, the trees were flying by on our drive home. Mark couldn't understand why I was taking so many pictures... I love the flow and movement of the unfocused trees....
I am hoping 2009 will be a happier, less stressful year.


High On Craft said...

Time definitely does fly by. Faster and faster each year it seems. Here's hoping that 2009 will be a much happier and healthier year for your family and friends Pegg.

Dre said...

Oh no!
I am glad Mark's brothers and mom are doing well. Very scary indeed. I too wish nothing but a happy and healthy 2009 for you and yours♥
Hope to 'see' you later