Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mouth of the Steel River

Today I went rainbow fishing to the mouth of the Steel River with Mark and Thomas. I only fished for a short while and lost my lure, so I stopped fishing. I took some photos instead, and sat by the fire. It got very very cold, brrr!
Thomas lost one, Mark caught and released a speckled trout, out of season, and he caught a beauty rainbow trout. We are going to have it for my birthday dinner.

mouth of the Steel River

thumb print pebble

love these Superior pebble beaches!

pebble beach, looking towards the Slate Islands


Gillianbeads said...

Beautiful pictures five! You have no short supply of beach pebbles for your lovely necklaces!
Thanks for sharing!

Betty said...

Wow, this looks like a perfectly beautiful day! I love your photos. Wish I were there.

Tracy SteppingStones said...

Such a great day Peg! Love those pebbles!!!!

Carol said...

Wow. Stunning location, and great photos. Sounds like a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

your birthday you say, you are going to have a birthday, now would that just maybe be tomorrow the 20th, you must be so excited..oh just one more sleep!

snazz said...

Great pebble pics! Looks like a nice way to spend a day!