Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tennis Elbow

 My doctors office called very early this morning, I had an appointment in emerg at three this afternoon to have my elbow injected with cortisone. It had been over two months and it was not getting any better.

 I am home with my arm in a sling for 24 hours. No heavy lifting for three days or so... no more jewelry making for me this week. Thomas is here, and will do the chores that need to be done. 

Let's hope this works, and will allow me to start weaving again.


High On Craft said...

Here's hoping that this is the cure! The world just would not be the same if fiveforty wasn't weaving.

Anonymous said...

Pegg: I have problems on and off with tennis elbow too! Have you ever tried visiting a chiropractor? I tried the whole cortisone thing and it never worked like the chiropractor. Now, when I have a problem I go, he adjusts my neck and shoulder and voila it feels better in a few days. I love you're beads. I'm a part-time crafter, but not at your level (I do more bloggin). If you're interested you can check my blog at and again try the chiropractor, it really helped me.