Friday, November 7, 2008

Bistro 305

This morning I took my sling off. My elbow was tender, but throughout the day even though you think you are not using your arm you really do use it. It is quite sore now. It is driving me a little crazy doing nothing. I can't even cook.
After dinner I noticed my junk email icon bouncing about. I thought it was another Twitter follower notification, but it wasn't. It was an invitation to join the blog Bistro 305 hosted by my cousin Kim. It will be a place for family and friends to share cooking and craft ideas. Right up my alley!
I am excited about this great idea, and will be anxious to watch it grow into some thing wonderful! Thanks Kim, I needed this right now, perfect timing!!

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Diane said...


Kim showed me your blog yesterday and I was very impressed. You are very talented and its shows in your products and well as your blog. Your inspiration is welcoming.

Diane (your favorite cousin LOL)