Monday, December 1, 2008

Root Beer & Speckled Chocolate with Copper

I have been working on a custom rug order for the past week, taking it really slow. I was almost finished weaving it when i got it in my head that it was too narrow. I unwove it, twice, then realized I had done it right the first time. I will weave it again tomorrow and get it off the loom. It is going to be a gorgeous rug, the colours are so wonderful together, beige, taupe browns, burgandy, red and purple... I will post a photo of it tomorrow.

New listing for me, copper and glass of course!
root beer & speckled chocolate with copper
earthy elegant necklace!

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UxCritter said...

I look forward to seeing this daunting rug that had you do 2 practice runs on it before it would allow you to show us it's splendor. It must be a real show-stopper!