Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pansy in a Snow Storm

We are having our biggest blizzard of the season, snowing and blowing to beat the band. I am tired of the sound of the wind, it has been howling since last night.. it sounds as though it is trying to huff and puff and blow our house in... it just roars down the fireplace chimney. 
I went into my iPhoto and started looking longingly at my summer flowers photos. Funny, winter has not even officially started, well it has weather wise, but I am craving warm sunny days already. It will be a long winter.

purple and white pansy


ThePeachTree said...

Ooo, I'll take it :)

Anonymous said...

Do we live in the wrong country??? Beautiful shot, Pegg.

liz said...

Oh my! I hate the winter wind, too. I'm always reliving the pine tree that fell on our house. I don't mind the snow, though. It seems like we never get a really great blizzard anymore...just 70 degree temperatures in Dec!

High On Craft said...

Oh little pansy - how I love you!