Monday, December 8, 2008

Beige, Brown to Green Handwoven Felted Wool Rug

I have finally wove a new rug for my shop. Gorgeous earthy tones, a range of colour, from beige through brown to green to dark green.  I love it, but then again, I would as I am an earthy girl.
handwoven felted wool rag rug

Last night, I actually turned off the computer, finished cutting sweaters, carried the piles of wool up to my loom room. I set about to cutting the strips of wool, to the measurement I was going to use, and then before I new it, I was warping the loom, then weaving. I really didn't mean to start last night, I had an insanity moment take over.. poor Mark. When I finally went to bed hours later, he said boy you have been busy. I was having such a great time I didn't realize I was making a racket and keeping him up. This morning was his first shift back after a month lay off. He will be tired tonight.
I had an energy about me today, excitement at being back at the loom and working with wool and colour.  I knew I was missing it but didn't really realize how much. My elbow is by no means healed but I will sneak rugs in every once in a while. I would like to build some inventory back up in my shop.


liz said...

Your rugs are as beautiful as they are warm! Just like you! :)

Highoncraft said...

Just lovely five! Yay for you getting back on the loom!!! All is right with the world again. lol

Carol said...

I think this is my favorite yet. It is absolutely gorgeous! Glad you got back to the loom.