Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Bales of Sweaters and a Big Beautiful Rug!

Two weeks ago I emailed my recycled textile supplier, and told him I was ready for two more bales of sweaters. We drove to the next town over, deposited money into his bank account and we were in business, as simple as that. I still can't believe what a nice guy he is! A good business man! His workers bundle up 75 pounds bales, as that is the limit for shipping with Greyhound, and then he personally delivers them to Greyhound for me. Greyhound actually has a very good service, the bales were here in a few days.

Mark carefully cutting the metal strapping

we just love how much the bale expands with each strap cut off

new felted wool rug, using some of the new sweaters
17 sweaters felted, cut and wove into this huge and glorious rug!
I love it!


PrairiePeasant said...

That is wonderful to have a contact who helps you with your materials! Are the sweaters factory seconds or last season or second hand? I can picture the huge pile of soft wool lint you must have after felting all those sweaters!

Thelma Bowman said...

Mark surely knows how to make his clients happy. He will definitely ensure that you will be satisfied with his work because of his efficiency. He even had a cutter tool with him to pierce the metal strapping. I'm sure his company earned your trust after providing great service.

Pegg said...

Mark is my husband, and yes he is efficient!