Thursday, May 7, 2009

Forget Me Nots, Rhubarb and Garlic!

We actually are having a nice late afternoon. The fog finally rolled back out to the Lake where it is just hanging, may roll back in at a moments notice. I went out back to sit on the step, a friend stopped by on his way home from a bike ride. When he left I strolled about seeing what I could see, in my gardens. I was quite delighted to spy a couple of tiny forget me not blooms in my side flower bed, so pretty! The rhubarb is growing so well, we will be eating before long! Our garlic patch is quite amazing though, Mark planted one whole garden in a variety of different kinds of garlic last fall and it is all doing really well! We are big garlic lovers here in this house! What a wonderful afternoon! It is so nice to see the new life bursting forth, in the gardens!

forget me nots




Anonymous said...

you are wonderful you know..we leave tomorrow morning so after lunch sometime I should be able to dip my toe in the great big bath tub full of salt water. will call you from you

Pegg said...

I am a little slow, and missed this note! Lucky you, I hope your vacation is wonderful! Love you too!