Thursday, May 21, 2009

Felted Wool Sweater Rug!

I spent the afternoon and evening yesterday weaving, as I do most days, trying to build up my inventory for when the July issue of Style At Home comes out. One of my rugs, just a photo is featured as the editors pick for the page We Love It!
This is a beautiful cheerfully bright rug! I do love the colours together, I love colour. I love working with colour.

handwoven felted wool sweater rug, with my fluevog shoes..

close up!
I spent the afternoon in the greenhouse planting flats of sunflowers and pole beans. I had been chilly in the house, it was a hot and steamy 38°C in there, it didn't take my long to warm up. Love it, that heat, the greenhouse, thinking about summer coming.

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presentsimple said...

Five Forty, I love your rugs! It's evident you make them with pride and joy, and I wish you much luck. Weaving rugs, up in Canada, surrounded by nature, what a romantic picture that is for me!
xo, Z's Knees