Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tutti Frutti Drops & Cocoa Plum Pods

I am taking time off from weaving, well, time off from from doing much of anything. I have tennis elbow and a sore in my left hand. Too much cutting of denim I think, overuse... and I was just getting started
It hasn't been a very good week. We went to the city with the cat earlier in the week. During a phone conversation with the vet the week before , he suggested we bring Lu in to have blood work and an xray of his head. He has massive tumors on his neck and throat, and is now having respiration problems. However, when the vet examined him, he said he could not sedate him for the tests as he would not survive it. Poor old cat, we stressed him out with a 6 hour drive, he hates traveling, for nothing really. We will enjoy his company until he is no longer enjoying life. He is a sweetheart of a cat! We love him to bits!!

So... my stuff... I have been taking photos of some jewelry I made for my last local craft show, to get it ready to list in my Etsy shop. I am not very good at photography, funny I studied it in college for three years, it was my minor, but it was mostly dark room work.
Tutti Frutti Drops
Gorgeous fruit coloured freshwater pearls paired with pretty copper findings! 

Cocoa Plum Pods
Earthy mauvey brown lampwork beads with a gorgeous periwinkle swirl, made by Gillianbeads, very talented Canadian lampwork glass artisan. I have paired the glass beads with rich brown freshwater pearls, and elongated copper kidney wires.

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snazz said...

Your pieces look lovely as does the photography.