Thursday, September 4, 2008

Forest Thicket in the Tundra Dune.....

As I was thinking about getting ready for bed, I caught a glimpse of the front page on Etsy and thought, boy, that looks familiar...wowee it was mine!! What a thrill!!
The moment I built it two pieces sold, so I changed one up, and later when the artisan listed another locket, I replaced it with the new one, I see tonight that the new locket sold too!! I hope many more pieces sell while it is still up.
Gorgeous grey, green and brown earthiness!!


cserdan said...

dark, woodsy, beautiful... and the name!!!!
thanks again,
Charlene said...

i need to correct a comment made to you yesterday...i had, indeed, seen and commented on this treasury. and i love it! (i don't know where my head was yesterday.) so happy for you that it made the front page.

i looked at your post on the denim rug you've just created, too. wow! another beauty! you've got a die-hard fan here, for sure.