Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big Denim Rug

After two weeks of prepping, I have started my first denim rug on this upright loom. I used a frame loom previously. To date I have cut up about 35 pairs of jeans for this rug, and so far I have used about 28 of them. I will have to cut more before I am done.
My loom malfunctioned twice as I was getting ready to start weaving. Mark has found a solution for the problem, and so far it is  holding up!!
The rug is 49" wide and hopefully 6' or 7' or 8'  long. I will see as I progress. I had a hard time winding the warp on due to all the seams in the jeans. I am excited now... another few days or so and I will have it finished, off the loom and all the ends woven back in.

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Dre said...

Looks beautiful!!!