Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recycled Wool Sweaters and a Felted Wool Sweater Rug

Last week I received the three 75 lb. bales of recycled wool sweaters I ordered from my supplier. Greyhound no longer stops here, so we had to drive to the next town over to pick them up.

Mark is very cautiously cutting the metal strapping. The bales are under a lot of pressure. It sounds as though a gun goes off when the strapping is cut. Then the bale expands and expands, revealing all the wonderous wool textile inside.
I am however finding it harder and harder to find pure wool. There is more and more  superwash wool.. I know, I know, this makes me rant.... I very much dislike superwash wool.  The way it feels when it is wet makes me wonder if it has any of the wonderful qualities of wool left in it. It feels just like acrylic...
I do have bags and bags of sweaters that I could not felt. 

My first rug woven from my new bales, beautiful purples, blues and greens!


Field Notes said...

I've always adored your rugs! Looks like you have had some stellar treasuries lately!! way to go !

cserdan said...

that rug is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

UxCritter said...

I suppose you'd have to pay a lot extra to have your supplier ship only the non-superwash type, if they can do that. I've worked with the bales, at Jennifer Ashliegh Foundation packing clothes for Africa. They are quite the size. You certainly make all those baled woolies look fresh with new life in your rugs!!!