Monday, September 1, 2008

Afternoon at the Beach

A friend and I decided today, to go to the beach to "suntan", really just to sit and talk. It was the first day we got to go this summer, September 1st. Time flies!
We were going to go to the pump house beach, but when we tried the road was closed due to construction down at the lake. They are putting in a new water intake pipe. The town has been using the mills water, but now will have to pump their own.
We had to go to the main beach, which is beautiful too, but different. The sand is coarser and the beach.. lake bottom is not flat going out, it is steep, drops off. There were also waves today, I waded a little, and the water actually felt warm. I joked about how packed the beach was... we were not alone, as the photo shows.
This is a pretty packed beach in Terrace Bay on Labour Day!!


adornyourself said...

Did you look for beach pebbles, i love your beach pebble work!!!

Gillianbeads said...

What a glorious day to go to the beach five! Hmmm...not exactly packed with people, that's nice!
I can't wait to see your pebble jewellery from this adventure!

High On Craft said...

Looks like the people there don't quite know what to do with themselves. It seems there haven't been too many "beachy" days for you this summer. Glad you made it out to enjoy the sun!

jennifer reid coderre said...

where on earth can a person go to get some alone time, eh? lol beautiful lake superior! thanks for sharing your day on its shores with us.