Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Friend, the Raven!

We have had a pair of ravens hanging around our backyard for years, they know when it is the dogs dinner time. The pair get the dogs leftovers.
This beauty, who I call Bird, or Biggie, came for a close up visit while I was out this afternoon photographing my new corduroy rug. Wow what a treat! They are such magnificent birds!!




Luv2Have said...

He is beautiful, those are great pictures! We rarely get any ravens in our yard, but I do have a family of crows that has faithfully visited us everyday for bread for the past three or four years, they are so funny to watch sometimes!

Pegg said...

They are such beautiful intelligent birds!
We also feed them bread when there is no leftover dog food.
I do get annoyed when they bring their babies and pull out my garden plants, I will soon stop feeding them for the season.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Whoa! Great photos, Pegg! I am always trying to get photos of the birds that show up in our yard or on our deck, and they're always either too far away, or I startle them somehow.

Pegg said...

Thanks Karen!
I was surprised when both birds landed so close to me, but I have been talking to them in a low singsong voice for a couple of years, they know me, kind of.. I think they trust me. I wasn't making any quick movements, and I did zoom in a little on them.

Val - Apple Cottage said...

What beauties, and they look like they're enjoying the photography session too. Looks like you've made some loyal friends there. Love the blue rug as well. Those colours are gorgeous.