Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

We had a very quiet day today, peaceful!
We took the dogs out this aft, in the rain. The forest was gorgeous, all the colours are heightened when things are wet. It was a beautiful walk.
I am having our big dinner tomorrow, we have invited some friends to join us.
It'll be nice!
jack pine

old mans beard

bean and noje hunting for mice

the forest floor

black spruce woods


mchen said...

Gorgeous shots, Pegg — and I wish I could've come over for Easter dinner, hee hee...

I just saw my first old man's beard growth while I was in Halifax last weekend — so cool! And the ice in the pine needles is gorgeous.

I hope you had a really nice weekend with the fam!

Pegg said...

Thanks Emily!

It's actually pine sap goo in the pine needles, sticky stuff!
You'll have to take a road trip northwest, north of Superior!!