Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blue Birds and Blue Corduroy

I have been working on this blue, grey and black corduroy rug for a week or so. I was sidetracked by the Green Tradeshow here in town last weekend. I happily got back to my loom earlier this week.
I was not pleased with my first cord rug from this loom, it lies in my back hallway. It is a gorgeous rug, but it is woven too loose for my liking. It is two years old and is very durable, and stands up to abuse.
This is my third corduroy rug on this loom, I packed in the warp threads, maybe a few too many, as it is a warp faced weave, but I do like how dense and tight it is, It is such a thick rug, so cushy underfoot!! I am very very pleased with it.
I am not pleased with how many hours it takes to weave and finish a cord or denim rug. I will have to work on a different finishing technique, it's a challenge for me.
I got a new packet of enameled beads in yesterday,
I love these little blue birds!


bstudio said...

The blue of that rug is gorgeous!

Rose said...

I can't decide which I like better- the beautiful blue rug or the adorable blue bird earrings and necklace!

Pegg said...

Thank you!