Saturday, February 9, 2008

Needle Felted Beads and a Felted Wool Rug

I was away from home earlier this week, had a bout of cabin fever as well as an appointment in the city. Always nice to get into a little civilization, lunch out with my sister and niece, and then shopping!! I went to a friends knitting and weaving shop and bought  some new felting needles, some coloured roving and a few felting books. I love earthy tones but what a treat to use some colour. 
After a little playing around I finally figured out how to make a round felt bead(ball). I made quite a few in between my dinner prep on my last day at my sisters. Pure fun!!
Last night I was playing around with different ideas on how to use these little felt beads. This is what I came up with, the same idea as with my pebble necklaces. Funky little blasts of colour!! I quite like it!!

This is the last felted wool sweater rug I wove last week. Kind of the same colours as the runner I wove earlier, but this one has more grey in it. I used some of the leftovers from the runner. I must say I did get some gorgeous colours in this load of sweaters.

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Trudi said...

Great for of recycling

Could you please make a photo tutorial oh how you actually cut the sweaters?

What kind of sweaters do you cut up?