Friday, February 1, 2008

Black, Grey and a hint of Red Felted Wool Rug

It feels as though it has been a very busy week for me. With Mark away, having to walk Tukker twice a day is an effort for me, but good for me. It does take my attention away from my work, that too may be a good thing. Give my body and my mind a rest.

This last rug I wove this week really excited me. I love the colour and the shades and tones of the grey, black and the little bits of red that intermingle through it. To me it is a thing of beauty. I listed in my Etsy shop yesterday, while it is getting views, no one has hearted it, that surprises me as I love it so much. haha, I am strange at times. I also think I should have used my felted red slippers in the photos instead of my blue Keens. 

A close up view of the rug.

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