Monday, January 17, 2011


I just looked back at my blog posts, I didn't blog much last year. It was a hard year for me, adjusting to this new body of mine. This body that seems to have betrayed me. I am not that old, only half way through my life. My knees seem to be older. I walk like my gram did.
I had two surgeries for injuries due to degeneration. They are both arthritic, and I have lost the ability to pick up and go walking. I hardly leave the house unless Mark drives me somewhere. I walk Miss Bean to the edge of the property and am fearful of falling on the ice and tearing the meniscus again.
I am sure I will adjust to this new me in time but truly it sucks a big one.
I know I am not dying, I do not have a terrible disease, but big changes like this out of the blue are challenging.
I have not wove a rug since before my first surgery in the summer. I have been working at finishing a memory rug for a friend since the spring. I am starting to desire textile, to start cutting and then weaving again, I know it will come.
The surgeon said I will have to wait 10 years for new knees, how depressing is that, ten years. To live this way so limited in my movement. I do understand my left knee is still healing. It will get better than this!
I will search for treatments other than surgery for arthritis... and will anxiously await spring and dry non slippery sidewalks.
I will be making jewelry, and will soon be weaving.
This is what has kept me from blogging, my mind has to adjust to this new life.
I have gained a pile of weight, hard to shed when you don't move about much. I have been researching recumbent exercise bikes, I think I have it narrowed down and will soon order one. I'll take a photo of it when it arrives!
Happy trails!


the rikrak studio said...

you're such a wonderful, inspiring soul, pegg. thanks for always sharing your kindnesses, thoughts, fears and ideas with us.

hugs to you. sorry there have been many tough times of late.
hope 2011 will be a wonderful year ahead: filled with amazing new things for you, nicey.

you're amazing.

Ashley- OffTheHooks said...

here's to a wonderful 2011 to you! sorry to hear 2010 was such a hard one.
take care.