Thursday, September 24, 2009

teamt and weekend deals

This weekend, September 24-27, I am offering 10% off everything in my shop (excluding shipping fees) as part of the Etsy Weekend Deals. Please mention the code: WEEKEND DEAL, during checkout.

Get an early start on your holiday shopping, check out all the weekend deals offered by my fellow TEAMT members. Simply search all items for TEAMT and start saving, or click below for participating shops.


Jewelbabe said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for putting this together. You did a wonderful job! Good luck everyone!


Justine - JuicyGraphics said...

Beautiful! Thank you, Pegg, for your tenacity and hard work.


ixela said...

Woww... I'm happy you was able to fix the problem in such a way!!!
Your post looks beautiful... great job!!!... good luck to you all... and "in bocca al lupo" ("in the wolf's mouth"... that is to say "break a leg" here in Italy!)!!!


Sarah John Afana said...

Thanks for including each and everyone of us in your beautiful blog-wishing you many Etsy sales!
Sarah John Afana