Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Four Long Months... of Outside House Chores

The summer in reverse.. back to front.
We almost didn't make it, the cold weather has arrived. We just finished putting the second coat of paint on the outside of this big old house. All we have left are the two doors, but hopefully we can sneak them in before the snow flies. The walls, paint covered cedar shakes were in terrible shape, they needed so much scraping, it took two months to do. A long two months of constant work.

Mark working on the last wall!

luckily a friend lent us scaffolding

the end of the big dig, walls waterproofed and all set for wet weather

blue seal coated foundation

Mark hard at it

scrubbing the old tar off the foundation

hand dug, ready to go

people could not figure out what Mark was doing

I told some that I am a princess and he was digging me a moat..

back patio taken apart for the big dig


front entrance

chimney rebuild

chimney construction in the fog

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