Monday, August 17, 2009

Tim's Goblet and My Earrings!

Last week I splurged on two of Tim Alexanders goblets. I had a mission when I was looking for them, I am using them to stage my jewelry to photograph it. This one has many different shades and hues on it, so it will work with many different colours. I am very pleased with my purchases!

smokey blue ice
glass and silver earrings

swirls of buttercream
vintage lucite and sterling silver


Willow Ridge Soap Co. said...

Hey there! I just found you through etsy. I'm from Marathon! I also have some of Tim's pottery that I use to display some of my stuff at fairs, etc. It's gorgeous!

Love your jewelery and rugs too!

Brettany said...

Both earrings are looking so nice!! I just love them!! First one is my favorite!!