Sunday, August 30, 2009

grey .... and some

This morning my sister and her husband came from the city to pick blueberries. We were gone for hours and picked a lot of them. I picked 5 baskets full, my personal best for this summer. They are however getting a little soft and squishy, maybe they have had a touch of frost.
When we got home I was very pleased to find my treasury on the front page of Etsy. Always a thrill! I hope all the talented artisans involved get many many hearts and sales from this exposure!

Etsy front page

my treasury including the alternates


liz said...

hey, you! making great treasuries as usual! sorry i've been missing in action!

Louise said...

oooh, well done you! Great treasury x

mchen said...

Congrats on a lovely treasury making FP :) It's a gift, five, honestly. Have a blueberry for me... or a bssketful!

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Lovely treasury!