Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ice Fishing on Lake Superior

This morning Mark and I decided to get my moms new treadmill put together for her while she's away. Luckily we were saved by a ringing telephone, our friends asked us to go fishing with them to their ice fishing hut. They picked us up after lunch and we drove out to Nipigon Bay on Lake Superior for the afternoon. The treadmill will wait for another day!

ice fishing hut

Kiera (sorry if I spelled your name wrong)

school of smelt swimming by

Mark with some of the afternoons catch, whitefish and herring!
We will have a fish fry with our friends tomorrow night, yum!


liz said...

WoW! I need to show this to my son!

Ashley said...

wow, the pick of the fishing hole and the fish is very cool. it kinda gave me the chills as I looked, like I was about to fall in.

Nancy said...

From recipes to fishing, to great photos to beautiful jewellery and rugs...I always enjoy reading your blog. Check out my blog today - I gave you an award.