Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To Mark!

Today is.. almost was, Mark's birthday! He asked me not to post his photo up, like I normally do, so here you go, a slice of his cake instead. I asked him the other day what kind of cake he wanted.. he replied oatmeal. I do believe he was kidding but that is what I baked him, an Irish Oatmeal Layer Cake! It is delicious, very much like an old fashioned oatmeal cake his mom bakes. I will try to post the recipe tomorrow, I am too tired tonight.
We had a delicious dinner, he picked it out of the March issue of Gourmet.. I will also post those recipes tomorrow too!
So, Happy Birthday to you Mark!! It was a quiet birthday but very nice!!


bovinebubbles said...

Happy Birthday Mark from Price ALbert, SK! Wish i was there to have a piece of that scrummy looking cake!

Hope it was a super one!

BookWormz said...

ooo - goodie! I can't wait to see what the recipe's are! be sure you tell us which one was the best! :)

I'm going to make a cookbook BookWorm this weekend, you'll have to let me know what you think of it! :)

Xenotees said...

Please post the recipe! I love Irish oatmeal- looks delish!