Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Handwoven Felted Recycled Wool Sweater Rug

I just finished weaving the last of my stash of wool sweaters. I will not order more sweater bales until I can work my way through the 200 pounds of denim and corduroy I have stored throughout the house. I love the denim and corduroy rugs, but they are so much harder to work with. In a sense I am dreading it.. wool is so much softer to work with.
I also have boxes and boxes of plastic in Thomas' room, and he may be coming home next week. I  wove a little sampler last night, too thin for a rug, I have more experimenting to do. I also tried to sew this piece of woven plastic, and my sewing machine refused to do the job... It just jammed up, the plastic must be too sticky to  move through.

Love all the colours, shades and tones in this soft, cozy comfy rug!

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Fibrespace said...

The rug looks fantastic, I love the colour combination.