Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is This a Cicada???

As Mark was getting ready to leave for his run, sitting on the back step, tying up his running shoes, he heard what he thought was a large bird plop landing on the greenhouse. It wasn't, it was this large bug. Of course you cannot tell the size of it in my photos, but I an not really that fond of large flying beetley type bugs.. I didn't want to put my hand near it.
I looked through my insect book, and  the closest I can guess is some type of cicada.

Look at its pretty lacey wings!

I would hate to have this little creature land on me, it would set me off screaming for my life...haha! Ewww!!

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jennifer reid coderre said...

hi, five. yes, that's a cicada and they are huge! the cats catch them sometimes here in ottawa.

they also "sing" very loudly when it is hot and dry.

i missed you leaving for your trip, sorry. i hope you have the best little holiday ever!