Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wooden Ice......

Yesterday I spent most of the day reaming freshwater pearls, I am slow at it. The holes were small and I wanted them to fit on my copper head pins. I had two wooden toggle buttons in my button bag, from one of the wool sweaters I used in my weaving process. I had been thinking about a way to use these buttons for awhile.  An idea came to me two nights ago, and I am very pleased to say, it worked. I combined light pale blue freshwater pearls, with sandalwood beads, and copper. I think it is earthy elegant.

I listed it in my Etsy shop this afternoon! You can see more photos of it there.

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Diane Brixey said...

I love it you are so right about the combo. And the reaming of the pearls when I knot pearls it seems like those 6 pearls take forever. . . when it is just 6 to do. funny how things that aren't a fun task seem to take forever. . . . Diane