Monday, May 5, 2008

Buckle up

To my excitement one of my treasuries made the front page on Etsy this evening! Mark and I were out but got home just in the nick of time, I got to see it up there. Two pieces from it sold today, I am always hoping for a lot of sales in my collections. It dismays me a little  when not many of the selected artisans do not post on the treasury, so I do not know if they have seen their work up.
This is a collection of some of the many beautiful belt buckles sold on Etsy. There sure are some gorgeous pieces!

It is chilly again tonight, they are calling for snow, but I don't think it will. It is not quite as cold as last night but it is cold out there. It was sure a cold day here today, Hat and gloves kind of day with a warm jacket. 
Now be sure to check out Etsy for belt buckles!!

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