Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Morning.

I can't believe it is Saturday already. Mark and I drove Thomas to the airport very early yesterday morning. He is on his way back to Holberg, on Vancouver Island to start the first treeplant contract of the year. It was so nice having him home these past couple of months, I am really going to miss him. I will have to keep myself busy and not dwell on it, he needs to follow his own path. I will follow my own too.
I am going to start weaving today, I have enough sweaters cut up, and laid out. I like to lay the different piles of cut up sweaters through my loom room, so I can play with colour.

I will post a photo of the rug when I am finished with it. It is a challenge for me to weave with all of these red sweaters, I am not really sure if anyone would want an all red rug, I could weave a big one. Red seems to be a popular colour of sweater, according to my bales.

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