Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fred and Morty

For Christmas I adopted two tuxedo male brothers.. Fred and Morty. Black faced Fred, and pink nose Morty. They lived in a shelter in a cage for one year. They were 18 months when they came home. The are both very fearful, we think they were abused in their first 6 months before they went to live at the shelter. 
We are trying to teach them about being outside, I would like them to be outside cats, but I am fearful they will run away, or out on the road. I had them out on leashes yesterday but two cats on strings are very hard for one person to handle.
They were out loose this morning but it took Mark and I a long time to catch them to bring them back in. Fred screams at the door to go out..
They are a handful but they are sweeties!

Fred & Morty

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