Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Girl Bean

Two weeks ago we brought Miss Bean to the traveling vet here. We were concerned about her breathing. He examined her and said with confidence that she was in tip top shape for a dog her age.
She had a very bad day Wednesday, she was in considerable pain. After a few calls to our vet in the city, we brought her there early early Thursday morning.
The vet discovered a growth on her thyroid and after further testing it was determined that she has thyroid cancer and it has spread to her lungs. She is home with us, for her last weeks or months. It is such heartbreaking news.
She's the last of our Inuit team.
She's such a good old girl.

wiky, miss bean, kinoje
11 years ago


Orion Designs said...

That is sad news for you Pegg. We lost our beautiful Xena a year ago and she left such a big hole in our hearts and lives. Big hugs across the miles...

shannonblue said...

I'm so sorry, Pegg... We lost one of our fur-babies to cancer a couple of years ago and still miss him. They become such a huge part of our families.

Jason said...

Sorry to hear that Pegg. Em and I just got home from our vacation in Wisconsin and we're just catching up on things.

Dre said...

I'm so sorry Peggy, such sad news. Take care and always thinking of You!

Pegg said...

She's still here with us, for now.
We are enjoying this time with her, she is such a sweetie pie girl!