Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Garden

I have been neglecting my blog for months now, life keeps getting in the way.
We took Miss Bean to the vet in the city yesterday. I found a growth on the back of one of her legs a couple of weeks ago, it started to bleed a few nights ago.
It's a tumor, and it is vascular. She will need to have it removed, the appointment was for Monday morning, I changed it this morning. She is on an antibiotic for 10 days and I would like the infection cleared up before her surgery. We will be watching her closely, if it grows she will be going back to the vets sooner than later. What a stressful month, losing Kinoje and now having Cali sick. Dog stuff is family stuff to Mark and I.
I took a few photos around the gardens and greenhouse in an attempt to relax a little. I must say even though we have been plagued with chipmunks and bugs, the gardens are doing pretty good.

giant sunflower with a bee

yum, we had a fabulous raspberry season


oh joy, my first attempt at fennel, who knew it would grow so well here!
I will be planting it again next year, yum baked fennel salad!

green tomatoes will soon turn yellow or orange

gorgeous pink hollyhocks

green jalapeno peppers

gorgeous purple calypso peppers

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