Monday, May 17, 2010

Morel Hunting

Yesterday Mark went out morel hunting, he found enough for us to have morel, spinach and cheddar omelets for dinner last night. I was a little sad and a lot envious that he went out without me. So , when he got home this morning from walking the dogs we went out. Sadly we only found 11 of the elusive mushrooms, but we did spy a mom partridge sitting on her nest.
I zoomed in, it is not very in focus, but I didn't want to get very close or disturb her. She is camouflaged very well to the forest floor. A rare treat!

mom partridge sitting on her nest

an elusive morel


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Fantastic shot of the partridge! You and Nancy are getting the best shots of birds on your blogs. And congratulations on finding the morels. Haven't found any here yet (though we've heard of people north of us finding them), but we've been eating ramps in everything--ramp mashed potatoes, ramp scrambled eggs, ramps in pasta, ramps in risotto...Not tired of them yet!

Pegg said...

Thanks Karen!

I must say I am envious of your ramps. Sadly we are too far north for them.